Jul 7, 2020

The joist is a piece made of steel and concrete, with the blocks placed on it as molded concrete (molded in place) to form an appropriate T-section.

Truss joists are of two types:
Clay with durable form (clay) called shavings.

Joist without durable mold (concrete)

The truss joist is made of steel truss and concrete heel. The truss joist is a prefabricated bottom and transverse (zigzag) truss rod that is welded or hooked together to provide the necessary support for the carriage and its components. they do.




Benefits of concrete joists

  • The use of fabricated rebar (with national standard logo of Iran) produced in prestigious factories
  • Welding truss joists using the most equipped devices
  • The use of "natural saline twice" sand in the production of concrete heels
  • Using Type 2 Cement in Tehran
  • Use of 400 grade concrete
  • Supervising experienced engineers at all stages of production
  • High quality in manufacturing