Jul 7, 2020

What is Chromite ?

Today, chromite joists are one of the most important options on the roofs of buildings. This type of joist is very affordable, especially since it is possible to plant multiple ceilings together. Production and design of this type of joists is fully in accordance with the Code of Conduct and Publication No. 151 of the Country Management and Planning Organization. One of the most important problems in the calculation and design of chromite joists in this direction is the use of chromite joist design software to correct this defect. Using this software, in addition to the joists not being too weak to handle the load, on the other hand, it optimizes the metal design to prevent over-joining and thus damaging the wearer.


Advantages of chromite joists

  • Detailed design and calculation by technical and accounting units
  • Use of sheets and corners produced in reputable factories
  • The use of mixed fabrics in the production of zigzag valves
  • Acceptable weight
  • High quality standard construction
  • Without the use of rebar, sheet and corner scrap
  • Using high quality electrodes in the welding process
  • Appropriate length of welding joints