Jul 7, 2020

قرعه کشی 95 600

Behshakht Construction & Development Group is proud to have three decades of experience and honest and effective presence in the country's construction industry, benefiting from the scientific ability and continuous collective effort of experienced and knowledgeable engineers in the field of construction and urban planning. Timely and effective, Consumerism and Consumerism are fundamental principles in the construction industry.

Complete aristocracy with the latest urban planning and construction regulations, the ability to design architecturally, computationally and fully execute projects, utilize modern day engineering facilities, along with applying the new principles of organization management, continuous personnel training and responsible customer tracking. It has brought a reliable and trustworthy position to our customers

The group intends to hold a large family festival and gathering to commemorate those who have been with this great group during these years. At a ceremony attended by respected municipal officials, city councils and engineers, prominent building industry professors, experts and experts in the field, the development and development team will honor its loyal clients and introduce top real estate consultants.

Another of the festival's events and rallies is the draw of the invitees, which will take place in three stages as follows:

  • Step One: Make loyal customers and lifelong companions
  • Step Two: Draw consultants from top and bottom real estate
  • Stage Three: All festival attendees and gatherings

some notes :
  • Attendance is free and open to all
  • Participation in the raffle is on time (before 4pm) and no registrations can be made after this time
  • If you win the lottery, the attendee is required, otherwise a repeat lottery and another winner will be announced.