Jul 7, 2020

Polystyrene foam

Foam polystyrene or (uniolite, roof block) cuts to different sizes according to customer request.

Standard sizes of ceiling block or polystyrene foam are 20 × 50, 50 × 25, 50 × 30, 55 20 20, 55 ، 25, 55 30 55, order of 20.25. and 30 are the height of the ceiling block with a size 50 actually backing up The back of the block is calculated and 55 is the same. The block or foam behind it is 50 The block is 45 in. The two heels of 2.5 2.5 4.5 are cut on either side of the block, and the block behind 55 is the mouth of 50 and the same two heels. 2.5 × 4.5 Fits on both sides. Another example of polystyrene foam most commonly used in steel frameworks
is the Chromite Ceiling Block.

Chromite Ceiling Block Because it is used in steel structures and no longer used for concrete joists, it does not require large heels.

This type of block is produced as much as the one mentioned above, explaining that all of these types of roof blocks should be made of slow-burning material if used with ordinary materials in buildings where joists are used when there is an electrical connection or Welding on the roof causes a fire and in the steel frame as it is placed on the roof, due to the large number of welds on the steel structure, it causes a fire. It is colorless and has no substance whatsoever The purpose polystyrene plates used Astayrn.fvmhay packaging etc .......

Features of polystyrene foam

  • Reduce the dead load of the building by approximately 120 kg per square meter
  • Sound insulation, moisture and heat
  • Increased concrete quality due to lack of water absorption
  • Easy transport and quick execution of the roof
  • Ability to remove plaster and dirt
  • Reduce the use of joists
  • Lightening the building and thus saving on iron and rebar usage