Jul 7, 2020

3D Panel

The 3D panel 3D panel in the building is used as a barrier and separator walls, as well as the roof and floor of the building.

The building system, discussed here, was introduced to the world market in the 1980s as a 3D Sandwich Panel using the ShotCrete method and was used in the building industry. It is necessary to explain that the first generation of this system was produced and used in the years before the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Advantages of using 3D panel prefabricated walls

  • Relatively lower thickness of exterior walls than conventional exterior walls. However, if the thickness of the thermal insulation is increased to meet energy saving expectations, the thicknesses will be approximately the same.
  • In complete system mode, act as separator and structural member simultaneously.
  • Consistency between all walls and the roof of the building, resulting in the optimal distribution and distribution of forces across the various members of the structure.
  • In complete system mode, establish linear junctions at the intersection of ceiling panels to wall panels (rather than group joints), thereby distributing the forces applied to the wall members more uniformly, and providing better and better monitoring of the joint performance.
  • Ease and speed of installation and preparation of panels for spraying concrete, due to the lightness and limitations of the implementation measures.
  • No need for heavy installation facilities.
  • Ability to adapt to modular design practices.
  • There is no specific restriction on the final payment of surfaces and variation in appearance. Of course, the best economic justification is in plain view with color or color itself.
  • Ease of supply of materials and equipment needed domestically
  • Slight dependence on foreign technologies.
  • Ability to parallelize executable actions, with no need for formatting and formatting.
  • Ability to use multifunctional components and types and limited materials and components needed.
  • Appropriately air-conditioned exterior walls of the building.
  • Acceptable technical knowledge and design criteria (structures, fire safety) for short-order buildings.
  • Lack of radius of transport and economic consumption.
  • Small chances of damage to parts in transportation and ...